Why Should I Visit A Dentist Regularly?



It is not uncommon for many people to avoid or shy away from visiting their dentist. Some patients forget to book appointments or think they don’t need them because they take good care of their teeth at home. At Norton Dental Guelph, we always encourage you to make your oral health a top priority. Here are some reasons why you should visit a dentist regularly:

Spotting Problems Early

Regular dental appointments at Norton Dental Guelph include a thorough exam and checkup. This allows us to examine your teeth in detail and spot early signs of cavities, tartar, gum infections, and even oral cancer. If a problem is spotted early, it can be treated before it develops into a more severe problem.

Cleaning And Removing Tartar

While regular at-home oral hygiene goes a long way to keep your smile healthy, it doesn’t always clean the more difficult areas to reach in your mouth as effectively. A regular scheduled dental appointment includes a thorough clean! We will remove lingering debris, plaque, and tartar, to help you achieve a healthy smile!

Long-Term Oral Health

If you visit us on a regular basis (at least two or three times a year) we can help you to stay on track with your oral health care. We’ll know your medical history and what to look out for. As a result, you’ll have a team looking after your long-term dental oral health.

Contact our dental office in Guelph for your regularly scheduled dental visit. It’s key to having good long-term oral health!

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